List of False Beliefs About Professional Carpet Cleaning

1. Carpet is just one year old, so don’t need to clean it.
Well, the most common belief about professional carpet cleaning is that carpet doesn’t need cleaning unless it looks very bad. Really very big mistake, you do by thinking this!!! When you carpet start showing effects of dirt, it’s already too late to recover the harms. When people moves on carpet with their shoes, it brings lots of small dirt particles that get settle down at bottom of carpet, and with time dirt get into fibers of carpet as a result it start breaking fibers. Hence, this continuous process will make your carpet looks flat and dirty.

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2. People avoid hiring professional carpet cleaner and preferring to hire cleaning machine or do cleaning by themselves.
Although, it seems that machine does cleaning in quick time, but at same time it can harm your carpet very seriously. Machine need lots of water into carpet cleaning process, also machines fails to extract almost all water, hence carpet looks wet. It took long time to dry up and can damage the backing of carpet.
Moreover the stain removers and carpet cleaning shampoos that are added up with water can remove as much as 30% of color from carpets.

3. Carpet look fresh with a sprinkle on carpet deodorizer.
Carpet deodorizers contain talcum powder, which doesn’t dissolve in water, as a result it settles down deep in carpet. Next time, when you clean your carpet, talcum powder residue will mix with water, dry and leave white stains on top of carpet.
Professional Carpet cleaning is not an easy task and to make sure it remain clean and hygienic. Hiring a professional carpet cleaners will make your carpet clean, fresh and save lots of money on long terms.

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