Carpet Buying Tips Or Guide By Monster Steamer San Diego, CA

It’s really very big decision to select carpet for our home whether it is for living room, bedroom or stairs. Lots of things should be taken for considerations i.e. type of pile, color and the material. There are many carpet buying tips but we are choosing top most tips to select the carpet.


  1. Select the right type of pile

It’s very important to select right and exact type of pile while selecting the carpet. There are many types of carpet pile such as Berber, Saxony, etc. But we choose two top most popular carpet piles such as Cut Pile and Loop Pile.

Cut Piles are popular types of carpet and it is come in different lengths and thicknesses. As the name suggests, it can cut to expose the end of the carpet fibers.

It can look like a traditional carpet and feel luxurious while using it. This type of carpet comes in wide variety of styles and colors. The pile is short and slightly twisted. While choosing the cut pile carpet, make sure to check the level of twist, if it is most durable then it is highly twisted. Twist helps the carpet to standup against the trading and wear and tear.

 Loop Pile can create stylish finish and smooth feel. It is not cut so the ends of fibers are left as a loop. The most important key factor of Loop Pile is “Durability”. The tighter loop can make the carpet more durable and hence it is easier to pile to bounce back. . Loop pile carpets are recommended for high traffic areas such as the hallways or stairs due to their durability. Loop Pile is not useful if you have the pets, pet’s claws. They can get stuck in loop pile causing it to pull and ruin to finish.

  1. Select the right color or pattern

 We find hard to select appropriate color or pattern of carpet. There are lots of confusion while selecting the color and the pattern.

  Here are some tips which are being useful to all for choose the appropriate color or pattern:

  • Keep the basic idea about color and pattern in your mind which is fit for your home while going for shopping. It can make you focused while selecting the carpet.
  • While going to the carpet showroom, take a picture of your room including with wall decor and any other feature for selecting appropriate color.
  • Consider your home environment, cream carpets might look so beautiful if you have young ones and pets at your home. Practically it is better to go with pattern rather than color.
  • If possible, take the sample picture of your favorite carpet and compare it with existing furniture and decor. It will give you the best result.
  • It’s important to feel the pile which is best suited for your home where carpets may look great on the roll.
  1. Do you need carpet underlay?

This is the biggest question while selecting the carpet you may ask to yourself. The simple answer is yes; in the long run underlay carpet will protect your floors, insulate your room and make your floors feel much more comfortable to walk on, not to forget to extend the life of your carpet. It is not so expensive to replace the carpet otherwise you can clean it. So, why not you can clean the carpet by using the Monster Steamer? Monster Steamer can bring back the old carpet with new looks again with original color.

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