Monster Steamer Provides Environmental friendly carpet cleaning services in San Diego and nearby areas.

The world has gone green and carpet cleaning has not been left behind. In fact, environmental friendly carpet cleaning is quickly catching on. Because it avoids the use of heavy chemicals to clean. Instead, everything used is biodegradable and non-toxic. It leaves your carpet clean and the environment remains safe for the inhabitants of the home. None allergenic chemicals can be used to ensure that those who tend to be allergic do not have a reaction to the cleaning agents used. When it comes to cleaning agents that are safe for the environment there are those you can make at home and others that are used commercially but known to be safe.

If you are looking for quick homemade solutions to allergy free carpet cleaning you could consider the following for stain removal. One of the easiest solutions is water mixed with white vinegar in equal amounts. You simply spray it on the stain you are removing and sponge it up a few minutes later. Use warm water with soap for the removal of the water vinegar solution. You can also consider a borax, vinegar and salt solution if the stain is a tough one. This combination will work pretty well when rubbed into the stain and then left there overnight. Simply vacuum up the residue in the morning. Another effective solution is baking soda. Baking Soda has amazing absorptive properties. Once a spill occurs, simply pour it on the stain, rub it in and leave it to dry, you can then vacuum it all up later.

monster steamer ecofriendly cleaning

Professional carpet cleaning Monster Steamer provide environmentally friendly and chemical free carpet cleaning methods. The idea is to keep the occupants of the space healthy while at the same time reducing the impact of chemicals on the environment. Some of them use newly developed, safe cleaning chemicals to get the job done. They may use special commercial products or simply newer technology that does not necessitate the use of chemicals.

Companies that are fully green will be able to tell you whether or not the products they are using are chemical based or plant based. In addition they should be able to tell you how they dispose of their waste water. The methods they use will often work just as well as the ones used in the past. The main benefit is that they come with fewer risks to your health and that they don’t damage the environment. Next time you speak to your cleaners ask them about green cleaning or environmentally friendly carpet cleaning. Monster Steamer will happily discuss with anyone interested in this special style of service.

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