The Best Carpet Cleaning Methods To Enhance Overall Home Environment

To choose one of the best carpet cleaning methods is always difficult as it varies on types of carpets. Wondering how to clean carpets? Read on to explore some of the best techniques used for cleaning your dirty carpets.

Types Of The Best Carpet Cleaning Methods For Long-lasting Appearance

Cleaning carpets at home are the time-consuming task. Therefore, individual usually hire professional carpet cleaning services for getting the spotless carpet look. Professionals apply various carpet cleaning techniques to eliminate all the dust pollutants from the carpet fabric.

But, before hiring these experts’ cleaning services, it is very important to know about their techniques to get peace of mind on having quality cleaning result. Here we have mentioned the most common cleaning methods used today by the professionals.

 Carpet Shampooing

Being one of the effective and oldest techniques of cleaning, carpet shampooing is useful for getting spotless carpets. Some carpet cleaning rental equipment still adores this technique. But, the main issue behind this technique is that it leaves a large amount of sticky chemical residues in the carpet which attracts dirt.

 Dry carpet cleaning

If you are busy driving your business 24/7, then this is the best carpet cleaning technique you should rely on. Dry carpet cleaning works by spraying the carpets with pre-treatment sprays that loosen dirt particles and dissolves grease that holds soil to carpet. Lastly, with the help of a rotating brush, these agents are removed from the carpet


This is one of the best carpet cleaning methods that took over carpet shampooing. Encapsulation is the technique which uses detergent and when it dries it encapsulates dirt and other pollutants within itself and becomes a powder. It is removed using the vacuum cleaner. As compared to carpet shampooing, encapsulation leaves less residue, but it also leaves the extra remaining behind only when a high-power vacuuming is used.

 Water extraction

Professional carpet cleaning services often performed water extraction i.e. steam carpet cleaning technique. Steam cleaning services include the process in which the mixture of hot water and chemicals is used to clean your dirty carpets. This is the best process when you want to perform deep carpet cleaning.

Get The Best Carpet Cleaning Result!

Using the best carpet cleaning method to clean your dirty carpeted areas, Monster Steamer ensures to provide a satisfactory cleaning result. Along with that, we use effective cleaning agents to eliminate the dust contaminants from your carpeted area. For more details about our professional carpet cleaning services, call us at 619 201-9480.

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