Top Carpet Cleaning Facts and Myths

In this huge cleaning market, there are many cleaning products, carpet cleaning methods and carpet cleaning professionals out there. You might be aware of such people you like to share unwanted advices about cleaning.

It is good receive advices from the professionals, but when it comes from multiple sources, it creates a big confusion and each advice contradicts, each other’s statement. This situation becomes more complex for the carpet owners. Since it is necessary that you get the facts straight, we have shared a top carpet cleaning myths and facts that you need to know about.

#Fact: Professional Carpet Cleaning increases the life of carpet and helps to keep in better shape.

As we have mentioned in every blogs in past that if you want to keep your carpet clean, healthy with long life your carpet need professional carpet cleaning once or twice a year. Some carpet owners avoid professional cleaning for the new carpets, because they think that the new carpets don’t seem to be all that filthy on the surface. This is why many of the carpet owners don’t consider professional carpet care until professional cleaning is past overdue.

Carpet owners need to understand that just because there is no stain, the carpet isn’t filth and dirt building up. The dirt can quickly accumulate deep in the carpet and cause damage that causes the carpet to begin internally decaying.

#Myth: Wait as Long as You Can Before Having Your Carpet Professionally Cleaned.

This is one of the dangerous and biggest myths. If your carpet looks spotless and clean but it has overdue professional cleaning, never ever wait until it gets filthier. If you wait until your carpet becomes dirtier to have it clean professionally, it may be too late for some areas.

Dust and stains can be easily removed by various professional cleaning methods. Overall, it needs time to time cleaning. So trust me and call for professional help because your carpet may in need of serious cleaning. Wear and decay caused by the lack of deep cleaning can have irreversible effects on your carpet.

#Fact: You Need to Have the Carpet Professionally Clean More Often Than You Do Think.

Everything need a proper and time-to-time care. Regular care and precaution may help to restrict stains and spots but it is difficult to restrict dirt and filth, they will still accumulate. The best thing you can do is approach a professional carpet cleaner at least once a year and if you can afford, then twice (At the interval of 6 months).

It is very difficult to control dirt and filth to come indoor because it has many sources to enter the house. If your carpet faces a huge amount of foot traffic, it will need deep cleaning more frequently. Approaching a professional carpet cleaning is the first step towards taking proper care for your carpet. Start taking care of your carpet and maintaining it with professional help so that it stays in good conditions for a long time. Contact Monster steamer now and schedule a carpet cleaning appointment today.

#Myth: Vacuuming Too Much Can Wear out the Carpet.

Nothing can fade away the truth. Many people and studies have proved that no wear damage can be caused by vacuuming your carpet extensively. Studies also shows that vacuuming multiple time a week causes no damage than vacuuming twice a month.

#Fact: Regular Vacuuming Is an Essential Part of Carpet Maintenance and Care.

Though vacuuming does not affect the carpet in no way. In fact, not taking proper steps for its maintenance can lead to carpet deterioration. If you will not vacuum, the dirt and gunk that has been buildup will wear out the carpet.

#Myth: Picking a Carpet Cleaning Company That is very cheap.

This could be another silly mistake. It may sound good just because they are professionals, but provide cleaning in cheap rates. Trust me this is not always a smart move. Many times what happen the professional provides services in low rate but on the other side; they use cheaper products, which do not give desired outcomes.

#Fact. Choosing a Right Cleaning Method for your Carpets.

If you truly want to make better choice for your carpet, it is vital for you to have appropriate information. You should first go through the safe and effective cleaning techniques. Then you can go and look for the professionals that provide carpet-cleaning services in your area with best cleaning techniques and positive feedbacks.

The Best Carpet Cleaning Technique in Escondido, Oceanside, San Diego:

You can do your research and learn why Hot Water Extraction (Steam cleaning) is the best method. This method is offered by Monster steamer because it is the ideal way to clean your carpet. At Monster steamer professionals are always ready to answer your doubts and question, so you can call us when you need our help. Our professionals not only care for your carpet but for your family too.

We provide carpet cleaning in Escondido, Oceanside, San Diego and nearby areas. We also provide water damage restoration, pet odor removal, tile & grout cleaning, upholstery cleaning and commercial low moisture cleaning.

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