Our Staff & Company

Monster Steamer Carpet Cleaning Service San Diego has been built by word-of-mouth referrals from the very beginning, unlike the big corporate or franchise operations that spend millions on advertising or promotions. That means two things for you: 1. We have lower overhead so we can provide better value 2. Your satisfaction with our process and results is not just a nice goal but an essential building block for our entire company Most of us would rather do business locally if possible. We get that … but we also know that quality, value and reliability are essential. We at Monster Steamer carpet cleaning service are committed to providing the best of both worlds: the personal attention and attention to detail you get with a local business – with the speed and reliability of a large national company.

We do that by using the very best equipment available anywhere, hiring the most reliable staff and training them exceptionally well, and always selecting top-notch “Green” cleaning products. Each and every job we do is reviewed by our quality-control team to ensure the results meet – and hopefully exceed! – your expectations.

Our Process

Of all the various cleaning methods currently available, hot-water extraction is currently the best option in the vast majority of situations. Done properly, it leaves zero residue, extracts the most dirt, eliminates the most stains, and removes the most allergens. The outcome generally far exceeds what’s possible with so-called “dry cleaning,” which is really spraying a petroleum-based chemical solvent on your carpet and then absorbing most of it with a pad on a buffer. “Done properly” is a big qualifier, however. Consumer-quality rental or residential-purchase units simply don’t have the power needed to get the dirt and cleaning solutions back out. An unskilled operator can soak the underlayment and permanently damage the carpet or fabric. And over-the-counter cleaning chemicals either aren’t powerful enough or leave behind toxic residue. In fact, most people have never seen the results of a full professional carpet cleaning service… and are truly amazed when they do. Carpets and upholstery are brighter, odors are gone, and fibers have been lifted and restored as close to original as possible. Combine the power of our truck-mounted equipment with a skilled operator, and our professional carpet cleaning service and upholstery services can dramatically extend the life of one of your home’s most important features.

For high-traffic areas or light-colored carpets we also offer optional protection treatments, which restore the original stain-resistant coatings worn off over time. While not in any way required, such treatments can extend the time between cleanings, often saving you money in the long run. Monster steamer carpet cleaning services san diego work very professionally to maintain customer trust carpet cleaner.