4 Tips to Get Rid of Dog’s Pee Smell

Majority of people love to have a pet at their house, and results have been seen, that keeping pets at home are very beneficial in many ways. There are multiple reasons to have a pet at home. For instance, they can be kept for the safety of your home.

Dogs plays an important role as a good companion in one’s life. Experts have proved dogs are the stress busters. In fact, in many IT companies people have kept dogs in their offices. However, sometimes they smell and leave that bad smell on your upholstery, carpet, mattress, rug etc.

Nevertheless, once you are ready to bring them at your home you should also be ready to deal with such conditions.

If you are also an animal lover, then you might also be a pet owner. No matter if, you have a puppy, an elder dog or a dog still mastering their potty training skills, you have to deal with the pet accident in the house.

Depending on what type of surface they selects, and how long it sits before you find it, that stubborn dog pee smell can really stick around! However, it does not have to.

We have have listed up all the best tips to get rid of dog’s pee smell and smell out your house for good.

Blot up The Liquid

Before you even think about products for removing dog pee smell, you have to remove the pee itself. For fresh messes, it is simply a matter of soaking up all the liquid.

On carpet, cover the area with paper towels or an absorbent cloth and use your hands or feet to gently press. This will help draw out and soak up as much liquid as possible. You may need to use several paper towels, and repeat the process until the area is almost dry.

On hard floor or laminate floors, always use paper towels, an absorbent cloth, or a mop to soak up the pee. We love these reusable, super absorbent cleaning cloths. Just throw them in the washing machine after use.

Look For the Stained Area

It is impossible to eliminate the odor if you cannot find out the dog-targeted area. If you find difficulty in finding the targeted spot, use Ultraviolet flashlight (UV). UV light will help you find the targeted spot by highlighting the substance containing phosphors. So turn on your UV light and start searching for the spot.

Use Enzymes Cleaners

Enzymes are the protein that break ups the urine and dissolves the odor. Enzyme cleaners are great but take some time. You need to spray or blot the area with cleaner, then leave it for few minutes. So it settles on the area before you start bloating and scrubbing the spot.

Use Carpet Cleaner

For set-in pet stains on carpeting or rugs, simple spray cleaners may not be sufficient. You can rent a carpet cleaner from your local grocery or hardware store, or hire professionals to deal with the stains.

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