Which is the Best Deodorizer to be use by Professional Carpet Cleaners?

Everyone will have their own opinions on their favorites and what works for them! a lot depends on the carpet if it’s heavily soiled or greasy. A lot of cleaners like combining different products for different applications! You really need to try different products and see what you prefer but there seems to be a lot of cleaners on here that will agree on a handful of products that they have been pleased with!

Firstly, let’s find how Deodorizer use in Best cleaning Method.

Professional Carpet Cleaning should be able to advise you on the best method for your home or business.

Here is the most commonly used method:

Hot Water Extraction or “Steam” Cleaning

A hot water Carpet Cleaning solution is sprayed on the carpets using a high-pressure jet spray. A wet vacuum, which may be portable or truck-mounted is used to suck up the solution, water and dirt. Steam cleaning is the most common method used by professionals.

The best steam cleaning methods involve a number of stages, including

  1. A thorough pre-vacuum to remove the dry soils from the carpets before they are wet and turn to mud
  2. Treating spots and stains
  3. Pre-spraying with a cleaning solution.
  4. Agitation of the cleaning solution into the carpets pile
  5. Hot water extraction (this should include the rinsing of the carpets with neutralizing agent) and deodorizing.  This Process is very useful to remove pet odor or any kind of bad smells. Here Monsterchems is best solution to be use as Deodorizer. It is recommended by most of expert carpet cleaners.


Truck mount steam carpet cleaners are considerably more effective. Contact Monster Steamer to get best carpet cleaning services.

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