How Carpet Steam Cleaning Works?

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Steam cleaning method is used widely in both domestic and commercial/offices carpet cleaning. It is a simple hygiene cleaning process without any use of harmful chemicals, still very effective and proven method to remove up to 99% stains and bacteria hygienically.

Monster steamer steam cleaning

A simple principle and science works behind steam cleaning process: the powerful combination of pressure, speed and temperature. This combination easily eliminates most stubborn dirt particles and bacteria.

In steam cleaning heat is a primary tool to remove contaminants from the carpet. A boiler is used to heat water at the temperature of about 100 °C and a heavy pressure of 2.3 bars is generated. This pressure makes the steam exit through nozzle with a speed of approx 170 km/h. This speed and pressure acts as a powerful blast of steam on carpet.

Once the heavy temperature steam comes into contact with dirt, the heat energy breaks the molecular bonds attaching dirt to the surface. And then the dirt moves into water suspension. At the final step vacuuming is applied which pulls the water suspended dirt from the carpet and remain a disinfected and healthy carpet.

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