Choosing professional carpet cleaners for your workplace?

The importance of carpet in a workplace is often overlooked, yet it plays a critical role in commercial settings.

Aside from helping set the atmosphere in your workplace (first impressions do count), carpet also provides sound insulation, underfoot comfort and a non-slip floor.

monster steamer carpet cleaning

Monster Steamer Team had vast experienced of working in commercial workspaces, says this checklist will have you well prepared when seeking the advice of a carpet specialist.

  • What activities will go on in this area?
  • How much foot traffic daily can be expected? Or wheelchairs or supply carts and trolleys?
  • On a typical day, will there be spills and stains or dirt tracked in? If so, what type of spills and stains?
  • Will the carpet be exposed to intense sunlight?
  • What’s your day-to-day cleaning budget?
  • What’s your long-term carpet maintenance budget?

“Identical carpet in different environments will require very different upkeep. Some will need weekly or fortnightly professional cleans; others may still look good with only a professional dry clean every three or four months”

The light coloring may have worked in a professional office with little foot traffic but this environment was bustling. Within a week, a professional carpet dry clean was needed with fortnightly professional treatments from then on. Carpet tiles are enjoying a resurgence in workspaces, including waiting rooms and reception areas, hotels, jewelery stores and travel agents.

“Professional carpet cleaners are able to replace a tile that’s beyond repair as part of the maintenance upkeep – and that’s a lot more cost-effective than getting a carpet layer in to redo a big section,”

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