How a clean office boosts productivity by Monster Steamer

According to a study, a whopping 94 percent of workers reported feeling more productive in a clean workspace. And when time is money, you want your employees to be operating up to their full potential from the time they punch the clock until the time they punch out.

While the aforementioned studies are evidence enough of the relationship between office cleanliness and work productivity, it’s worth delving deeper into the reasons as to why a clean office equals an all-around better one:

  • Less sick leave: Sick days can cost Californian companies $3.5 billion a year in lost productivity and revenue. Common sense says that regular office cleanings can help minimize how often workers become ill.
  • Bacteria spreading throughout the office isn’t the only cause of sick leave and doctor’s office visits. Some research suggests that up to three-quarters of all physician visits are because of stress – and excess clutter and a lack of cleanliness can certainly help account for this.
  • Cleanliness boosts morale: Research has found that there’s a direct link between employee morale and office cleanliness. And you don’t need us to tell you that a happy worker is much more likely to be a productive worker compared to the alternative.
  • The customer wins: In the business world, the customer is the key. And while you may not realize it, a clean office also likely means a happier customer. How? Because you’re likely to get so much more out of your employees if the office is clean, and this productivity and positive attitude will directly impact the customer. So yes, according to the trickle-down effect, a clean office means a happier employee which, in turn, means a more satisfied customer.

There are many more benefits to a clean office than just the aforementioned. For instance, workers are likely able to find what they need quicker because of less clutter. Equipment is also likely to be better maintained and therefore longer lasting.

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