How to Clean White Leather Couch at Home?

Cleaning of upholstery is a regular necessity especially for homes, having children and pets. Majority of bacteria, dust and mold can settle in furniture, so it is vital to have a professional cleaning for your home in the interval of 1 year. However, it is very common for homeowners to clean their furniture badly, or not aware of the best way to do it.

As with all white furniture items they look stunning when new, but easily get dirty and can finally turn into a grey tone when ignored for a longer time. Therefore, it is vital you keep them clean & tidy.

Today we are sharing the best way for how to clean your white leather couch. Here are some signs to be aware of when cleaning your upholstery.

Wipe the Loose Dust

Before you start with your cleaning procedure, first remove the loose dust and debris from the couch. Dampen a soft, lint-free cloth with water, and wipe down the couch. You do not need to soak the cloth; the idea is to have just enough moisture so that it pick up the dust and the loosen dirt. Relax about scrubbing; just dust off the couch with the dampened cloth.

Mix The Components

Pour the components in a gallon jug away from direct sunlight, as sunlight can degrade the oil. Before use, shake the spray bottle if the components separated. This solution will not only clean, but conditions the leather well. It works for white, beige, taupe, off-white and tan leathers. Do not use this method on suede leather.

  1. Fill the Container (Jug)

Fill the jug with half gallon of water. Insert the funnel into the jug and mix the linseed oil and soap. Add the citrus oil to the jug. To get a fresh smelling concoction, include 40 to 60 drops of your favorite flavor essential oil.

  1. Shake It Properly

Put the bottle cap on the jug and shake it thoroughly to mix the ingredients. Do not shake the jug too vigorously, as you do not need the soap to foam.

  1. Pour it in Quart Bottle

Place the funnel in the quart bottle and fill it with the added components. Keep the lid on the gallon container and keep it in the cupboard away from the direct sunlight.

  1. Spray the Couch

Work in small 2-by-2-foot sections as you spray and wipe the couch clean with a soft cloth. Use another cloth to buff the area previously cleaned. Repeat for the entire couch.

Stain Removal

When done with stain removal, the leather might have a dull and dry appearance; so condition it with homemade cleaning and conditioning solution or use a store-bought leather conditioner to protect the leather.

To remove ink stains from white leather, spritz the area with hair spray without causing it to run. Let the hairspray set for 2 minutes, and then rub the stained area in a circular motion with a warm-water moistened lint-free cloth. Repeat as necessary to remove the stain without rubbing the leather too hard; you do not want to damage the surface. Dry with a soft, clean cloth.

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