Why pet owners must rent carpet cleaners on regular base?

We all love to share our homes with our pets, but consider this; your treasured companion is constantly shedding hair and pet dander (tiny flecks of skin) onto and then into your carpets and upholstery. If left, this can lead to a less than pleasant looking and smelling home! Check out our few reasons every pet owner should rent a carpet cleaner to keep your home looking and smelling great.

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  1. Embedded hair

Pet hair manages to find its way into your furniture, carpets and even places your pets don’t go (at least not when you’re watching). Regular vacuuming is essential to keep every home looking clean but with pet hair it’s just not enough. Renting a carpet cleaner to deep clean your carpets several times a year is recommended to lift embedded pet hair from the fibres in your carpets.

2. Accidents

Even the best trained pets have accidents, whether that’s knocking over drink, muddy paws or not quite making it outside in time. The first step to preventing odors and stains. Once you’ve dealt with the initial incident you might forget about it and move on. If your carpet isn’t cleaned properly nasty bacteria can linger in the fibers long after you’ve cleaned up that little accident. Renting a carpet cleaner to deep clean your carpets will ensure that you keep your home clean for you and your whole family while helping to remove the environment where bacteria can breed.

3. Odor

It might be hard to admit but your beloved friends can create quite a pong, especially dogs that get wet. When the oil in dogs coats mix with water bacteria is formed, this creates that well known wet dog smell. You might have stopped noticing it but your guests won’t have, renting a carpet cleaner to deep clean the fibers of your carpet will eliminate any smells that build up over time, leaving your carpets clean and smelling fresh.

4. Allergens

You might not be allergic to your furry friend but dogs and cats can carry grass, pollen and other allergens into your home. This can be unpleasant for guest and family members who may suffer from minor allergies. Regular vacuuming and deep cleaning your carpets will ensure that the allergens in your home are reduced making your guests’ visits more enjoyable.

5. Pet Dander

Before you know it’s dust gets everywhere, your furry companions regularly shed hair and pet dander (skin) which adds to the dust in your home. Did you know that cat dander residue can linger in your carpets and upholstery for up to 20 weeks and in mattresses for years even after the cat has been removed? When you use a deep carpet cleaner with an agitating brush action it will clean deep into your carpet fibers removing hidden pet dander, dust mite droppings, pollen and dust.

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