Is It Possible to Remove All Types of Stains from Carpets?

Carpets are meant to decorate your home, and they give off a warm and welcoming feeling. The right carpet can complete the look of the room. However; stains are inevitable.

Fortunately, we can take care of all kinds of stains from dirt to the more stubborn wine stains. Here are some common types of carpet stains you might come across.

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Dirt & Mud

Your carpet is likely to be affected by mud and dirt. It will appear even more prominent if you have a light-colored carpet.

In this situation, it is better to let the stain dry before taking action. This kind of stain can often be removed by simply vacuuming the carpet and no marks are left behind.

Coffee/Red Wine Stains

Both of these dreaded stains are a common occurrence, and are the stubbornness.

Using a rag or towel, soak up the liquid—dab, don’t rub! But in most cases, there is a mark left behind, no matter how hard you try to salvage the carpet.

Only a professional carpet cleaning service can get rid of it completely.

Ink Stains

These are a common occurrence if you have carpets at the workplace. There are certain cleaners that are made for the purpose of combating such stains. This is a nasty stain that cannot be simply scrubbed away, and at a commercial building this can be an even bigger problem.

The best option here would be to contact a cleaning service that has the equipment to take care of this stain.

Pet Stains

Pets are fun and lovable but they are a threat to the carpets in your house. They leave fur on the carpet which is difficult to remove.

Your little pup may even have an accident on the carpet, leaving a visible stain, which will result in an unpleasant odor in your home.

To fully eliminate the stain and odor, it is thus necessary to contact a professional.

Our Professional Advice

You will face this problem at some point and time. We understand you would prefer trying to handle it yourself but sometimes it’s not that easy. Carpet stains can be very stubborn at times, and your household products will not be strong enough to clean them up.

A professional service like ours can thus cater to your needs. Our team at Monster Steamer Carpet Cleaning has all the tools and experience to get rid of these nasty stains ruining your beautiful carpet.

For an office, we recommend you schedule weekly services for commercial carpet cleaning so that such problems don’t get in the way of your daily business operations.

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