How Should I Prepare My Home For Carpet Cleaning?

Clients often ask me what’s expected of them in carpet cleaning preparation of professional carpet cleaning. So here’s a few simple tips that will help both you and your carpet cleaner.

Before your carpet cleaner arrives:

We recommend moving any furniture that you can off of the carpeted area, such as tables, chairs and rugs. Most carpet cleaners will move some of the furniture, but generally will not move heavy, expensive, or easily breakable items such as TV cabinets, water beds, computers, antiques, fish tanks, and china cupboards. If the carpet cleaner needs to move lots of furniture they may need to account for this additional work in the price of the cleaning.

We recommend that you vacuum the area prior to having your carpets cleaned, especially if you have pets in the house that leave fur on the carpet. If you don’t then that’s ok, we at Monster Steamer can do it for you, we won’t charge you extra if it just needs a light vacuum or it’s a small area.

If you have pets, secure them safely, possibly in a room in your house that we won’t need to be in. We will need to go in and out of your home several times while we’re there so we wouldn’t want to let your beloved pet escape, not to mention that some pets may also be frightened by the noise of the cleaning equipment. Don’t forget to provide your pets with food, water and a litter tray if you decide to secure them in a room in your house, as the cleaning process can take up to several hours for a large house.

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