Preparing your business for storm season

More frequently affected by water damage (in the form of rain or flood) to items such as:

  • Carpets and flooring
  • Ceiling tiles
  • Electrical equipment
  • Stored materials

Water Damage Restore

Here are some tips on how you can prepare your business for storm season…

1. Have a plan!

Make sure you know

  1. a) Who is responsible for checking for damage if there is a storm
  2. b) Who you will contact foremergency cleaningand electrical services
  3. c) How you will contact your workforce if it impacts on when they are expected at work

2. Check your insurances

It sounds obvious and it only takes a few minutes, but if you’ve let the expiration date slide you could be in for an expensive surprise.

3. Clear your gutters

Removing any build-up of leaves and debris will help to ensure your gutters are draining water away correctly rather than allowing it to accumulate and leak into the building’s interior.

4. Be aware of existing vulnerabilities

Take note of any locations which are prone to issues and have a response strategy at the ready – have a bucket on hand for that leaky spot in the ceiling or a supply of sand bags if you know that you are in area which is prone to flooding.

5. Minimize the risk to valuable and stored items.

Move computers and electronics away from windows which could leak in the event of sideways rain and endeavor to keep any stored goods off the floor and well away from external doors and walls.

6. Empty your fridge/freezer.

Large summer storms frequently cause blackouts. While a short loss of power may have little effect on the contents of your kitchen’s fridge/freezer, if the outage lasts for several hours you may find yourself with an unpleasant task and hard to shift rotten odor in the workplace to boot.

Have a great time over summer. Be sure to keep an eye on the Bureau of Meteorology for details of any upcoming weather events, don’t take any chances with power lines or any electrical equipment that has been affected, and if you need help cleaning up call Monster Steamer.  Ph.: 619) 201-9480.

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