Professional Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning: A Deep Cleaning Process

Hot water extraction is one of the best ways to clean your carpets but unfortunately not suitable for all carpet fabrics. Then what to do? So the answer is, professional low moisture carpet cleaning can be beneficial in this situation.


As powerful as hot water extraction is, it is completely unnecessary on slightly soiled carpet. Hot water extraction is a technique that needs more workers, the large amount of electricity and lots of water. There is a way to make hot water extraction more effective, you can encapsulate the process with professional low moisture carpet cleaning method. In some areas, where there are less foot traffic and soil. Most of the times VLM technique is far better and is the recommended for best cleaning results.

An essential carpet cleaning not only makes a good judgment to your cleaning requirement and the environment, but it also makes a good decision towards your cleaning budget. Monster Steamers, professional low moisture carpet cleaning method are the safest because our professionals use eco-friendly products and also provides the fastest drying times. Monster Steamer’s deep cleaning, quick drying foam contains an antibacterial leaving your carpets not just cleaned but sanitized as well.

Why Foam?

Everyone knows that foam cleans better than soap and water, but Why? Foams have the capability to remove more unwanted particles as compared to water and soap, which more often than not are composed of ingredients that quickly “flash off”, or evaporate and leave with a carpet that is wetter than it needs to be and not as clean as it could be. Monster Steamer’s unique foam formulated cleaning method will leave your carpets with a just steam clean looks without the long drying times that come with steam cleaning. Experts in the cleaning industry suggest professional low moisture carpet cleaning is good for your carpets, know why?

If you are in search of professional low moisture carpet cleaning, no one can reach our cleaning standards and results. Call Monster Steamer on 619 201-9480. With years of experience, Monster Steamer can provide you the best carpet cleaning in Escondido and nearby areas.

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