Professional Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning VS Hot Water Extraction

Facing regular heavy foot traffic, coffee and soda spills, office carpets can easily create the signs of wear-patches of discoloration and stain that exhibit an aura of invincibility and stubbornness, simply refusing to go. Office carpet gets dirty and is overlooked, it becomes the breeding ground for microbes, mites, and insects. This makes the environment unhealthy for your office staff, making them lethargic and sick.

So, do you know what should be done in the case if your office carpet starts showing signals of wear?

The best thing you can do is approach a professional cleaner. When you approach a professional commercial carpet cleaning company, you are introduced to a plethora of options, each of them provides their own advantages.

The Best And Most Popular Carpet Cleaning Method

Hot water extraction and low moisture cleaning are the most preferable and popular carpet cleaning methods employed for commercial carpet. Hence, we will be limiting our discussion to the two.

Do you know what is professional low moisture carpet cleaning?

Low moisture carpet cleaning is a carpet cleaning method popular and preferable for its water conservation method and quick dry time. It consists of multiple steps.

In the initial steps, the carpet is vacuumed using an industrial vacuuming system. This process agitates the fiber and loosens any catches the debris. In the following step, a mild cleaning solution and disinfectant are lightly misted over the carpet and the agents are left to work for few minutes. The cleaner-disinfectant mixture breaks down stains so that they can be easily removed.

Once the expert assures that all stains have been broken down, the carpet surface is then cleaned using our high tech machines. In the last step, carpet fibers are raked up with the help of a carpet rake, to restore the feel and look of a carpet.

Benefits: As we previously stated, water conservation and quick drying time are the primary advantages that low moisture carpet cleaning has to offer. Moreover, it is also one of the eco-friendly ways to clean commercial carpets.

What is hot water extraction?

Hot water extraction is a type of carpet cleaning method that uses the combo of high-pressure hot water mixed with a cleaning solution that too in very less ratio, to deep clean the carpet.

The high pressure and temperature of water cleans the carpet fibers and effectively washes away the surface and deeply settled dust particles. A truck mount extractor is used where greater power is required and a portable extractor is used to reach places.

Benefits: Hot water extractions type provides the most effective carpet cleaning method. It can make easy removal of the stubborn of stains. As it uses very little to no chemical, it also helps in expanding the life of a carpet.

These were the benefits of the two professional commercial carpet cleaning methods. You can call Monster Steamer if you are in need of any professional help. We provide professional commercial cleaning services in San Diego, Oceanside and, Escondido and all nearby areas.

Call us at 619 201 9480 to make your bookings.

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