5 Simple Ways to Stop your House Smelling Like Dogs

Pets are called “humans best friend”. A pet owner knows the importance of having pets at home but parallelly he is also aware of the care taken after the pets. Pets are innocent they do not understand where to sit and where not if they are not trained properly. There are many problems that a house and their owners face when they own a pet; like hair on couch and carpet if pets are sick and may throw up or vomit. 

A Dog or a Cat is not just a pet, it’s a family member and offers many special memories – but odors aren’t part one of them. 

Have friends and relatives stopped coming at your home, and you are unaware what’s the reason. Just because you have pets, doesn’t mean your house has to constantly smell like them! 

Here are 5 simple ways to stop your house smelling like dogs: 

  1. Dog’s Bed Cleaning on Weekends 

This is the best method for odor killer – clean your dog’s bed at least once a week. Giving the bedding a good wash will remove odor from the fabric, which is essential to having your house smelling fresh. It’s best to get a dog bed which has antimicrobial properties to help resist odor and has a removable cover. First, machine-wash the cover, and then use a pet vacuum for the cushion. 

For beds without a cover or strong odors, sprinkling baking soda on the cushion and leaving it for overnight can-do wonders. 

  1. Vacuuming Everything Thoroughly

There may be nothing best than snuggling with your pet on the sofa while being watching television, but along with it comes the dog smell. For any furniture that your dog sleeps on, it should be cleaned as frequently as the dog bed itself and given a thorough vacuum.  

Once a month, you should also take apart the furniture and give it a good hard clean. Remove the covers and wash them with a high heat, then move to vacuuming the sofa, cushions, mattress and any other furniture your dog may lie on. Make sure to clean under the furniture too. 

  1. Get a Good Quality of Air Purifier

The fastest and best effective way to reduce odor and allergies in the air is with an air purifier which has a carbon filter, which will keep your house feeling and smelling fresh in no time.  

While they require little maintenance, it’s still important to clean them on a regular basis to ensure they remain effective, especially since they can become clogged with the dog hair over time. 

  1. Grooming is Vital

Bathing and grooming your pets can help to reduce the odor. A good bath will eliminate bacteria and remove dead skin cells making your furry friend less smelly, and more hygienic. It is vital for your dog’s health to practice regular grooming.  

However, bathing your dog too often can dry out a damage the skin. Cleaning once a month with a professional groomer is perfect way to reduce pet smell unless pooch gets up to some mischief and become unusually dirty. 

  1. Keep Your Dog Fresh

Cleaning the whole house to eliminate your dog’s odor can be pointless if your dog smells because then whole house will too! Between monthly baths, freshen up your furry friend by using waterless shampoo as well as bath wipes, which will keep your pet feeling fresh between baths. They are great for paws as well. 

These are few tips to be considered if you are an animal lover and love to keep pets in home. 

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