Tile and grout cleaning process done by Monster Steamer

Do you know Grout haze?
If you don’t know don’t worry, chill and relax I will explain you in detail what is grout haze. Grout haze is basically an industry term given to tiles which have a film of grout residue over them, a residue which is usually caused by improper cleaning during the installation process.

How does it occur?
Generally what happens, after the grout are pressed into the grout lines, the extra material is removed from the tile with a wet sponge and a cloth. A dusty skin is left behind but doesn’t worry it can be cleaned later. If the tile is not cleaned properly then with time they are very difficult to remove. This is what called as grout haze.

How do we clean:
1. At Monster Steamer, the tile & grout are checked for cracks, damaged tile, missing grout, all in all, we analyze which is the part of the concern.
2. As said precaution is better than cure, we start our set up with all precautions so your home is safe.
3. We prefer pre-vacuum because it is very necessary to clean the room thoroughly before the cleaning process starts.
4. Our cleaners apply a mild cleaning agent to tiles and grouted areas.
5. To break the suspend soils the tile and grout are hands agitated using a grout cleaning brush.
6. Tile and grout are rinsed and extracted using a PH balanced pressure rinse.
7. Then the tile is cleaned with a clean and dry towel.
8. Grout is sealed using a water-based sealer. No harsh solvents are used.
9. All baseboards are wiped down only in tiled areas that have been cleaned.


We believe that there are many positive reasons for grout perfect sealing.
* Uniform in appearance.
* Easy to clean and maintain.
* No staining or dullness.
* Antimicrobial properties to protect against bacteria and odors.

Grout Perfect’s Colourseal sealer is an acrylic resin. It is a modified urethane sealing agent and adding concrete actually hardens the grout extra-strength in the bonding process. It means that the seal provides the highest degree of stain protection, which reduces the maintenance cost after the work has been done.

At Monster Steamer we have highly trained, reliable and experienced, hitherto we are able to provide valuable and successful services and building trust amongst the customers. We provide tile and grout cleaning services in San Diego and have made many happy customers. Very often we run promotional rates and our regular customers are enjoying even further discounts in the domestic and commercial industry. We take feedback very positively, as our main rule is customer satisfaction.

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