Tile & Grout Cleaning Services By Monster Steamer

When planning for any home renovation project, your first step should be to take a step back, and analyze the situation and then decide the best way. If cracked tiles, filthy or crumbling grout, or bare spots on your tiles floor are visible, it’s time to take some steps.

The question is: How do you figure out whether you need tile re-grouting or grout cleaning service? The specialist of tile & grout cleaning services by monster steamer will visit your house to assess the current condition of your tile and grout, and make a plan for how to take further steps.

Cleaning Vs Grout cleaning

If your grout discolored, dirty or cracked. It’s time to take action! Cracked grout is a most common problem, as it permits moisture to seep under the tiles, increasing the risk for mold and mildew buildup. The long time you take to wait to repair broken grout, the greater your chances of needing water damage repair later on. If your grout is impacted with dirt, grime and lime scale, the experts at monster steamer likely will recommend you grout cleaning from our expert cleaners. After the grout is cleaned and dried, we apply a clear sealant, to protect your grout in the future.

Grout that is cracked and crumbling must be addressed. The grout between your tiles holds them safely in place, and its its integrity is crucial to the entire surface. To perform tile re-grouting, technicians of monster steamer will remove the old grout, clean the gaps between the tiles thoroughly, then apply new grout to leave a fresh, clean-looking surface.


It should be replaced or repaired?

There are many levels of tile damage, from hairline cracks to bare spots. You may not need to retile the entire floor. Many times what happened, minor issues can be solved without replacement job which is very expensive.

In water damage situation, a full tile replacement is necessary to restore your surface to like-new condition. If the area has flooded in water accident or being exposed to long term leak, it’s likely that mold and mildews have started to build up. At the very least, the surface below the tile has become compromised and no longer has the proper integrity to hold itself up for very long. Be tension free and rely on the experts of Monster steamer to bring your tiled surface back to life and improve the look of the house.

Monster Steamer use specialized cleaning solutions ( Monsterchems, available on San Diego Truckmount Service & Supply Shop ) and powerful rotating jets to blast the dirt and grime from your tiles. Once that is done customers can choose to have a seal applied to the grout. The tile surfaces are rinsed using a hot water extraction machine and dried with air movers. The end result will transform your tiles leaving them clean and sparkling. If you need assistance with dirty tile grout or any other type of cleaning, then get in touch on 619-201-9480.

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