Tile Grout – How to Keep It Clean By Monster Steamer

Tiling whether it be in your bathroom or kitchen acts as the perfect finishing touch tying in your color scheme and decor. However, have you ever wondered why your tile grout gets so dirty and what you can do to keep it looking pristine?

Tile and Grout cleaning san diego

What exactly is tile grout?

Grout is the name of the material that is applied between tiles in order to hold them together and fill up the spaces. Because of its rough porous nature, it does unfortunately mean that dirt and grit is easily attracted to it. What’s more, liquids can also penetrate deep into the grout which causes discoloring, and this is often evident in kitchen floor tiling.

One of the most common causes for floor tiling becoming discolored is the use of a mop. Instead of cleaning the tiles, the mop instead spreads the dirt from the tiles into the grout. As the grout is the lower part of the floor, the debris from the mop water settles into the grout. This is really infuriating because no matter how hard you try to keep your floor sparkling clean it remains dirty looking. Besides this, dirty grout harbors mildew, bacteria, and mould.

How to make your tile grout look like new once more

Once your grout has become stained it’s very hard to restore it to the original color. As such it’s important to apply the correct cleaning methods when trying to clean grout. Professional tile and grout cleaning services are one of the best ways to ensure that your grout is restored to its original condition. It’s often necessary to call in the professionals as they can effectively remove all the dirt and stain from your grout. They’ll also be able to seal the grout to reduce the amount of dirt which penetrates the surface. This makes your tiled floor easier to manage and will help to retain its original appearance for longer. They will also have the appropriate cleaning products which won’t damage your grout.

Floor tiles have to withstand a lot of traffic in the home and every time someone walks on them in bare feet they are inadvertently transferring germs and dirt to the tiles. For this reason it can be a challenge to keep your floors looking spotless. That said, the floor is one of the first things that a visitor to your home will notice but with the help of a professional cleaning team, you can show off sparkling clean floors and feel confident that your home is clean and germ free.

Monster Steamer use specialized cleaning solutions ( Monsterchems, available on San Diego Truckmount Service & Supply Shop ) and powerful rotating jets to blast the dirt and grime from your tiles. Once that is done customers can choose to have a seal applied to the grout. The tile surfaces are rinsed using a hot water extraction machine and dried with air movers. The end result will transform your tiles leaving them clean and sparkling. If you need assistance with dirty tile grout or any other type of cleaning, then get in touch on 619-201-9480.

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