Top 3 Do’s and Don’t for Carpet Cleaning

Usually, people ignore carpet cleaning and maintenance. Looking at your carpet seems clean and tidy but we give a closer look you will realize how much dirt it is, the types of allergens and bacteria residing in it. So, here we have mentioned Top 3 Do’s and Don’t for Carpet cleaning and maintenance.

There could be many problems such as the fiber coming out or the carpet is not looking fresh or might be there stain over it. The thing under your feet getting neglected. Though they are most important and need the maximum attention.

In this article, we will show you some tricks of carpet cleaning so that they continue feeling fresh and looking clean and new always.

Invest in Quality Carpet Padding

Never ever compromise with the carpet padding: It is vital. Here are a few benefits of investing in good carpet padding.

You might be thinking why to invest more in padding even people not going to see the padding. Yes, nobody will see the carpet padding but they will able to see the wear and tear that appears on the carpet due to lack of it. Padding plays an important role as it helps to protect your carpet from falling apart even after years of use.

Usually, they made of rubber foam material they will give the floor a good finish by keeping away from any imperfection if any.

They considered the best insulator and help control the temperature of the carpet and thereby your house. They also absorb excess noise, so you can stop worrying about noise control during a house party.

Know The Do’s and Don’t for Carpet Cleaning While Vacuuming:

Having knowledge of Do’s and Don’t for carpet cleaning is must while it comes to vacuuming. Experts say that you should never vacuum your brand new carpet. Let’s see why:

If your carpet is new, then don’t vacuum it and give it time to settle. new carpets have a certain amount of loosening fibers packing which helps to hold the pile upright and once this is pulled up by a vacuum cleaner the pile tends to go flat. Instead, you can try using a non-electric hand sweeper.

How To Remove Wrinkles On Carpets

People think of placing heavy objects on the carpet will remove the wrinkles overnight, but trust us it’s flop idea. Here’s how you do it:

Iron your carpet wrinkles. Keep a damp towel over the depression and press with an iron. When the towel dries then you can see that wrinkles are not there.

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