What Care You Should Take to Avoid Water Damage Restoration Cost?

Water can enter your property in many ways, causing water damage to its parts, including the roof, walls, foundation, and more. To prevent water intrusion, property owners must take precautions for both on their home interior and exterior. This article mainly about what should be done to protect a home’s exterior from water damage and also to save Water Damage Restoration Cost.


  • It is vital to check the roof for missing or damaged shingles, flashing, and tiles. The vents, flues, chimneys, air conditioners, and evaporative coolers must be installed properly and in a good shape.
  • The roof should also be inspected for leaks at AC units, vents for exhaust or plumbing, and other specialized equipment. Tree limbs might be hanging above the roof must be cut so they don’t cling shingles and trap moisture.

Gutters and Downspouts

  • It is vital to keep gutters and downspouts clean, free from debris, and in good condition to allow water to flow without any obstruction.
  • It is good to install metal screens to prevent leaves, twigs, slit and other debris from clogging the gutters and drainage holes.

Doors and Windows

  • Make sure you check the doors and window corners for leaks. Sign of leaks consists of peeling paints, paint discoloration, and swollen frame.
  • You property exterior doors and windows should be protected from the direct sun rays, rain and snow by having overhangs above them.
  • Doors and windows must be kept closed tightly. To check for a tight fit, there should be no cracks between the sash and frame of the windows.
  • Weather-stripping or damaged flashing around windows should be repaired or replaced.


Check for cracked or broken siding boards, bricks, stone or another masonry, as well as structural sheathing should be repaired.

  • Any openings from wiring, plumbing, phone cable, and heating and air conditioning lines must be sealed with foam or caulk. Additionally, the damaged or unpainted wood surroundings these openings must be repaired immediately.
  • Monitoring for signs of termite activity on the walls and the wooden structures around the foundation is also suggested. Termites can eat wood, plaster, and even metal siding.
  • The exhaust vent doors must be opened and closed properly.
  • Any type of shrubs and landscaping feature must be removed from along the walls.
  • When sprinkling the garden, directing water towards the house should be avoided to prevent excessive water near the foundation.

Keeping properties safe from water damage from the inside is also critical. Here are tips to prevent appliances water damage, tips to avoid HVAC water damage, and how to prevent water damage on hardwood floors. Monster Steamer team stands ready to deliver professional services with the best Water Damage Restoration Cost to any water damage affected area.

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