Why Is Low Moisture Cleaning is Good?

Nowadays, hard surface like fancy tile & stones is very popular in the market. Still, there are many people who prefer carpeting. One of the main reasons for this is the carpet absorbs sound, whereas a hard surface such as tiles and stones can cause noise. Possibly it will cause a serious distraction, especially in a huge set with many people.

Carpet also offers another benefit to busy gym facilities. Furthermore, while soiling and spills can be easily visible on the hard surface. Carpet act as a sponge absorbing the soils from the foot traffic. Contaminants penetrate into the carpet fibers or cannot be visible with our naked eyes due to patterns and designs on the carpet.

Carpeting provides many other benefits as well. Some studies have proved that carpet cleaning is much easier than maintaining a hard floor surface, in long run.

One thing is obvious: carpets must be cleaned on a regular interval. They can act as a sponge for only cleaned time to time. If avoided it becomes unhealthy.

Importance of Carpet Fabric

Is all carpet need same method for cleaning?

So, my answer is “NO”. There is so many techniques in the market to clean carpet. Mostly it depends upon the type of carpet. For an example, how it is made, what type of fabric it has, and what type of traffic it faces. As we already said there are many ways to clean your carpet but currently low moisture cleaning is in trend. The most important reason to become popular is low moisture. It also called as encapsulation cleaning technique.

Some of the cleaning professionals argue that the best way to eliminate tough soils in carpet is to use enough water in the cleaning process. Many of them believe that using enough water will flush out the contaminant and will make the carpet clean.

Let me tell 3 reasons why low moisture cleaning is popular:

Faster Drying

When carpet cleaning is done using the encapsulation method, the carpet doesn’t soak with water as it happens in hot water extraction. It will only take around 20 minutes for the carpet to dry if cleaned with encapsulation method. The outcomes are great and the customer experience fast cleaning and the staff can also work efficiently even though large areas.

No Re soiling or Wicking

Moreover, to faster drying time, less water related to no resoiling or wicking. Usually, wicking happens post treating stains with the use of cleaning solution and water; as a water evaporator. If not cleaned properly the soil remaining at the bottom of the carpet fiber can reappear and would be clearly visible. This problem can be easily solved using encapsulation because it does not allow to over saturate the dirt in the carpet fiber. As the rotating brush scrubs, the stains and the vacuum machines vacuum it immediately.

Improves Carpet Appearance

The most significant benefit of encapsulation cleaning is the enhancement in carpet appearance and a long life of your carpet. Regular cleaning of carpet using an encapsulation method restricts the buildup of sticky residues that can attract more dirt and look very nasty.

The brush on the machine not only agitate the agents, but they also lift up and open the piles of the carpet at the same time. It is the best way to keep your carpet looking healthy and rich through the year at a very low cost.

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