Always make sure the company you hire is fully licensed, insured, and certified. Also, be aware of companies that use bait and switch tactics which are companies that advertise whole house carpet cleaning at very low prices ($99 entire house special) but won’t include stairs, halls, pre-conditioning, pre-spotting or anything your carpet needs to be deeply cleaned. And if you do apply those additional charges the whole house special will go from $99 to quickly rise up to $300 or more. Monster Steamer carpet cleaning in Oceanside, CA will give you a price that will include:

agitate/ groom (to help for better extraction)
extract using industry standard truckmount
neutralize (to leave no residue.)
dry using powerfull air movers
final inspection with you to insure you’re %100 satisfied

Vacuuming your home regularly will double the life span of your carpet. Also, applying 3m Scotchgard to the carpet after a deep cleaning will keep your investment at its best.
What kind of material they use, and what kind of guarantee. We use the most powerful and effective truck-mounted cleaning units. Using the Hot Water Extraction Method, we are able to restore your carpet, tile and upholstery to a “like new” condition. We won’t rest until we know we’ve exhausted every option in removing stains and spots. We are locally-owned and we care about your Complete satisfaction. We want you to rest assured that whenever you need your carpet, tile or upholstery cleaned, you know who you can count on. Call us today to get a free estimate!
We use biodegradable solutions that are environmentally, pet and baby friendly.
Dry time varies from 2 to 12 hr depending on weather conditions and air circulation in the house.
At Monster Steamer carpet cleaning in Oceanside, CA we attend seminars and classes two times minimum per year to keep us updated with new methods of cleaning available. We also attend conventions to buy the latest and best products out on the market. In addition, we are IICRC certified.