Monster Steamer Cleaning Process

Having clean carpets is not only visually appealing but is also essential in maintaining a healthy indoor environment. It also adds to the life of the carpet by removing most of the soil particulates that damage your carpet fibers over time.

The Monster Steamer cleaning process takes every step possible to ensure that you get the highest level of cleaning to have good looking, long-lasting and healthy carpets.

Here are our steps:

   1. Prepare home for our equipment by covering any wood floors, stone floors or any surface that our equipment may touch (including corners and walls).

   2. Pre- vacuum (if required).

   3. Pre- condition carpet using only high quality agents suited for your type of carpet.

   4. Spot treat any outstanding stains that may require additional stain removers.

   5. Rotary agitation (floor machine) to break up stubborn soil from fibers.

   6. Steam extract carpet using a proper rinse to neutralize any soil attracting residues.

   7. During the cleaning process, we use high velocity air movers to speed the drying times in areas that have been cleaned.

    8. Apply Green Guard (Green Certified) carpet protector to carpet to help repel against permanent staining.

   9. Final step of grooming the carpets which aides in the drying process and leaves a uniformed look.

We also do:

  • Furniture moving (under 50 lbs)

  • Treat between all spots, blocks and tabs

These extensive steps with give you the most thorough and appealing cleaning experience you have ever had. We are so confident in our work that we will include a 6 month spot and spill guarantee!