Commercial Low Moisture Cleaning

We are a leading Commercial Low Moisture Cleaning Company in the United States and we utilize state-of-the-art equipment and products that help to eliminate dirt that even the best cleaner leaves behind!

We are a duly certified Commercial Low Moisture Cleaning service provider and with super quiet operation with instantaneous drying, we provide cleaning solutions at all times and even during business hours as may be required by client.

Our Commercial Low Moisture Cleaning in the US – entails the following process amongst others:
Assessment of carpet to be cleaned

In-depth Vacuuming of the carpet with high performance commercial vacuum equipment, as this guarantees that air quality is not compromised during the process of cleaning, and that all loose particle or debris is removed prior to the low moisture cleaning exercise.

Elimination of gum, glues or tars with high performance equipment.

Pre spraying spot with low moisture cleaning solution

As encapsulation is one of the best options for clients or customers in high-traffic or large commercial environment, the need to clean affected carpets in such setting – should be an on-going task. With this in mind, we primarily emulsify all the oil and physical dirties within your carpet, then surround each fragment with an acrylic polymer barrier which goes on to prevent it from re-attaching itself to the fibers while pulling it to the surface using organized vaporization.

And because several folks suffering from various allergies prefer low-moisture carpet cleaning since it reduces chemical irritations and seriously inhibits allergen growth.

Our Commercial Low Moisture Cleaning is considered a “greener” option, as less unclean water waste is left behind. Contact us today for your top quality and very affordable Commercial Low Moisture Cleaning solutions now! We are the best in the state and have serviced thousands of highly satisfied and happy clients in this industry and we are glad that we are making positive changes to the commercial sector in this regards.


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