Pet odor removal services offered by Monster Steamer is really very professional and affordable by any people of san diego, escondido and oceanside. Monster Steamer knows that you love your pets! Any pet owner knows, though, that when you have pets you’re going to have pet odors. Have you given up on trying to remove those seemingly permanent odors? Then, it’s time to call Monster Steamer of Oceanside CA! Our truck-mount equipment uses hot water extraction to thoroughly clean your carpets and area rugs to remove the nasty buildup left over time – dog and cat hair, tracked-in mud and urine stains.We know you love your pets, but you also want them to live in a germ-free environment.

When a pet accident happens, the liquid doesn’t just sit on the surface. It drains down into the fibrous material. That is where odor exists, and can be the most difficult place to reach. Homeowners get used to the smell and fail to realize it remains after they clean up. But when Monster Steamer is here there nothing to worry about. We can help you to forget the “used to” and “adjusting” attitude when it comes to cleaning. Monster Steamer have years of experience in pet odor removal.

Firstly, our professionals check the pet accident affected areas. Once they are done they conduct one more affected area checkup using UV lights.

UV light

UV light checkup helps us to locate the areas which cannot be seen through the human naked eye. UV light helps us to provide deep cleaning, as we mark all the affected areas. Once the double check is done. Our cleaners start with the pet stain removal treatment. Our professionals use the best solutions to remove stains and to eliminate the bacteria. Once the solution is applied it is left for some time, so the solution can work on the stain. Then the stain is eliminated through the scrubbing process. Lastly, the solution is rinsed properly using water.

Additionally, Monster Steamer professionals use a high-tech water extraction tool which extracts all the water through its powerful suction used in the rinsing process. This a precaution step, to avoid molds. This set of methods is only performed by Monster Steamer professionals to give a double check and to provide customer satisfaction.


Monster Steamer professional, can effectively neutralize all types of bacteria, fungus, allergen, spores, viruses, chemical and biological hazards in your house or office. Moreover, this is only possible through Monster Steamers self-made process. This involves the removal of all pet odors and potent neutralization of the spread of a kennel cough.

The combo of UV light and water extraction tools can give you a complete relief from the pet stains and odor. Call us to experience this deadly combination for pet stain and odor removal.


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